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Watercolor Courage Bouquet With Señor Gleason

September 21, 2019

Hola all you card makin’ crafty folks!

I wanted to show y’all  a card that began at a “crafternoon” session with my aunts. Their love of flowers and gardening has always stuck with me through all of my artistic endeavors. Hence why I chose the  Days-E-Bouquet stamp set as my first first card on the blog.


I began creating this card by embossing the image  stamping with embossing ink 140lbs watercolor paper. The brand is completely up to you however, I do recommend watercolor paper not card stock. Watercolor  is meant to hold water as cardstock is not and  will disintegrate if too much water is added. That being said you could always color this any way you want (i.e. markers or colored pencils).

Once the image is embossed you can begin coloring… which you will see is my absolute favorite part of card making.  Using a WATER BASED marker I outlined the Flowers’s with the colors I choose. Sorry for yelling but this technique will not work with alcohol markers… However since I gave you the choice earlier of using whatever medium you like, and you decided to be fancy and break out the copics… skip the next few steps.

Since the markers the water based that means they are water soluble too. This allows you to add water and push the ink around. To do this I like to use water brushes. I find that once you’ve gotten used to them you are able to have better control of how wet the bristles are. You can also go old school with a cup of water and a small paint brush. Remember you need very little water to make the ink liquid again.   Now because we embossed the image, each little section stays pretty self contained. I like to think it is also reminiscent of stained glasses… but I’d also like to think I saw Elvis at the 7-11 one time. A quick pseudo-water coloring tip,use less water, you can always add more water, you cant take away water.

Now that you are completed with the coloring (be sure to let dry!). You can begin everyone’s favorite process of fussy cutting.  I hear all that groaning!!! It’s really not that bad folks! Or of course you can always take the short cut and use a cutting machine!

Now that you got your main image complete go ahead and set it aside and get ready to create your back ground! To do this you can use any technique you’d like. You could choose a patterned paper you like or get messy with some oxide inks like I decided to do. The bouquet is very large and will fill almost all of your standard A2 card front.

If you’d like to follow the technique I employed start with some more of that 140lbs watercolor paper. This technique uses a lot of water so once again I just don’t think standard 110lbs card stock will cut it. There are many YouTube tutorials about how to do this so I will be brief. Basically you stamp the oxide ink directly on to your work surface, add water and mush the card around until it is covered. Repeat if necessary and dry between layers. I used Fossilized Amber but you go ahead and use a color that speaks to you. I then used a lil distress spray stain to add the brown flecks. Please note: a little distress spray stain goes a long way! Use carefully and sparingly. Let background dry completely.

Once that is complete its time to make your frame. If you’ve ever been to my instagram you’d know I am particularly fond of a glitter paper frame. Once again the frame is entirely up to you! Just choose a good paper and make that frame. You can use die cuts or a cutting machine either way makes no difference. Or you can have no frame… but who wants to live that kinda life?

Time to pick your sentiment. I was a fan of the sentiment that came with the set, “Courage, dear heart.”. Maybe you have a friend that needs some encouragement or maybe you just need to say it over and over to yourself because its your first time making a card for the stamp company you love the most and really don’t want to mess it up and embarrass yourself… I also embossed it in some rose gold because I like to be fancy. I then cut v’s into the sides of the sentiment strip to create a banner.

Now we’re in the home stretch! Assembly! Break out that double sided foam tape folks! You’ll need a lot of it! I started with the frame as you’ll need to trim it down to fit on the narrow boarders. Once that is down you can attach the bouquet image. Use double stacked foam tape so that the image extends past the frame. The effect is subtle but noticeable.  Use one more piece of foam tape for the sentiment to add even more dimension. Place that sentiment wherever you think it should live. I always try to place it in the top 1/3 of the card or in the bottom 1/3 of the card. Just make sure you’re showing off that beautiful bouquet!

This would be a good time to affix the card to the card base. This is where it is finally safe to use card stock. I know you’ve all been waiting for it!

And one last thing… just to add the cherry on top… some embellishments. I’d recommend using a complementary color (break out those color wheels ladies!) Since I used yellow as my background I used Flat Back Half Gems – Suzanne Lilac . Lilac is a fancy way of saying purple.

Now, sit back and admire! When you’re done, take a picture of it for the gram and tag me so I can judge it harshly! I am just kidding! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through all of my various social medias! I am very excited to see what you create!

P.s. If you have not already gone and bought this stamp I implore you to go and do so immediately! You can use Oliver10 at check out to save 10%!

¡Hasta  luego!


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