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Watercolored Mug Life

March 22, 2020

Hey guys!

The Mug Life stamp set is definitely one of my all-time favs!  I wanted to try a little something different and swap out my Copic markers for some watercolor markers!  It’s a little messy and a LOT of fun!

Please note!!  These cards have some bad words, so don’t keep scrolling if they’ll offend you!  🙂

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I’m starting with Versafine ink because it won’t run when the watercolors are added to it.  Another option is to use embossing powder.  Because the powder creates a raised line, the watercolors would stay within those lines.  I wanted to get messy and color outside the lines, so I decided not to do embossing powder.

Now it’s time to use the watercolor markers to paint the stamped images.

On a separate piece of cardstock, I’m stamping my sentiment and then flicking watercolor spots all over it.

Once my watercolors dried on my stamped images, I randomly painted the background and flecked spots all over the card.

So fun!  Thank you for stopping by!!

Xoxo, Amanda

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