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‘Weekly Struggle’ Planner Layout with Liz

February 20, 2018

My Weekly Struggle is REAL.

Hi, y’all, Liz here. I’m gonna share my planner layout for this week featuring The Struggle is Real stamp set. With the start of every Monday, it’s a bit of a weekly struggle to make it past Monday. Then you gotta push through Tuesday-Thursday to finally make it to the weekend! Yassss! Because I’m living for the weekend which is always my weekly struggle. I’m certain that y’all probably feel the exact same way.

For all of my stamping, I just used the color Moon Rock from Altenew. Starting with the ‘What the fudge’ stamp using, I then added the question mark and exclamation point because this is exactly how I feel about Monday’s. Yuck! Using some emoji-like stickers, I was also able to give a “face” to how I feel about each day. This just really added a humor element since emojis tend to make me smile or laugh depending on the emoji. For Tuesday and Wednesday, I just added a few stickers that matched the theme of The Struggle is Real stamp set. Then on the bottom of Thursday, I stamped the ‘Studies show: I did not ask for anyone’s opinion’.

For Friday, I added a “livin’ for the weekend” sticker and a smiley face. Finally, I stamped “I can’t emphasize this enough:” and “wine”, because it’s the weekend. Weekends most certainly deserve wine because it means that we finally made it! Then I just added a few wine glass stickers (one of each kind…lol) and a heart-eyed emoji to complete this cheeky, emoji-filled, snarky week. I know that I’m gonna love seeing this layout every time that I open my planner this week. It’s certainly gonna help the week go by that much quicker.

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